Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The neighbor kids came over today - I thought to make gift tags and bake cookies, but the main activity seemed to be pairing corks from our extensive collection (it's been a busy week) and discussing the mushroom shape (champagne is still a foreign concept to them - lucky parents! more for them) and the fascinating little wire baskets. The kids see hours of fun to come, what with stacking and sorting, finding twins and double twins, while I see reminders of hours of fun. Some of those hours were even shared with others.  Just kidding - where did you leave your sense of humor?

Too wet to go outside -  even the birds look a bit waterlogged. The garden will have to fend for itself. I got a handy tip today from a very English garden designer and author, David Stephens. He said to grow hosta in pots, on pot feet (to keep it safe from the snails and slugs, the only creatures enjoying this beastly weather), and put a bit of vaseline around the rim. Of the pot, not the snail. Anyone tried this yet? If it ever dries up enough for the vaseline to stick I'm giving it a go.

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