Friday, March 26, 2010

ramblings on an apple and a birdfeder

It is right outside the kitchen window. It is usually mobbed with birds - they got a sudden case of camera-shyness...or could it have been Boots, the neighbor's cat? Too big and too slow to catch anything.

A solo bird is cat food. Flocks of birds have sentries and are skittish  - I no longer see sad piles of soft feathers now that the birds are mobbing the feeders and travelling in packs.  They spook and are gone at the slightest movement.

The crabapple behind the feeder has finally opened its hot pink buds and is raining down soft pink petals. I have been paying more attention this year - one of the benefits of blogging. The peach was first, just after the daphne. Then the crabapples. Screaming pink buds open to almost white flowers, and they don't seem to mind some shade.

Gravenstein apple is next - possibly the most wonderful yummiest apple in the world. Check out Trees of Antiquity - horrid pompous name but great stuff. This is the company that used to be Sonoma Antique Apple Nursery. Remember Carolyn and Terry Harrison? Everyone's favorite normal kind wonderful grounded people. They started Sonoma Antique Apple Nursery and were always welcoming, attentive, engaging. Where are you now, Terry and Carolyn?

Did you ever go to one of their tastings? Not many things in the world will change the way you look at the world - their apple tastings would. They changed not only how you felt about apples but how you felt about humanity. If you went to their tasting you planted at least one apple, and every garden has room for at least one apple tree. For your health, to pick with your kids or grandchildren. Go get one. Now. They're on sale.

The world could use more Terry and Carolyn Harrisons. I miss them and hope they are happy, wherever they are.

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