Sunday, April 4, 2010


The yellow is narcissus February Gold.  it's the last to bloom in my garden, and it has the good sense to bloom with the lovely blue scilla campanulata - formerly scilla hispanoides - or do I have that backward? A messier and more durable form of bluebell, and one that is happy here in the Bay Area.

I got it from Sylvia -  her garden, an old garden in Orinda is a sheet of blue in late spring.  She shared the translucent potato-like bulbs with me (don't try eating them!) years ago when our dogs (sisters) were puppies. Cricket is in heaven, Lindsey is deaf as a post but happy, and now my garden is a sheet of blue in spring.

Just as the daffs are going off, the flowering trees are finishing and the roses have yet to start they are a welcome sight.  I'm happy to share - they spread by seed and by multiplying bulbs. Bring your trowel. And the foliage has the good sense to lie down as the flower stalks are beginning to open, from bottom to top. They last for a few weeks and are full of memories - of Sylvia's garden, of tumbling puppies, of my friend Carol who had them too and introduced me to Syl. I am not objective in my garden because there are no plants that are just plants,  they are all layered with memories. Our first year in this garden, friends who are gone,  our beloved Cricket...and the one silly raspberry tulip is a volunteer from many years ago. No one told him tulips are not supposed to repeat here. Shhhhh. Maybe he'll come back next year too.

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