Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am astounded to hear people who live here have never been to Yosemite. It's three and a half hours away.

In the summer it is full of crowds and cars and unfamiliar languages being spoken by awestruck visitors from far away. Today it was not crowded. Walking, I met a monk from Thailand, a family from Korea, a couple from Indiana. I heard Spanish and German and Japanese spoken. People from all over the world come here, and it's right in our back yard.

The waterfalls are full, the grass in greening, the sun is shining, it is not crowded. Go! Don't wait - there is magic in the air. (that white stripe in the background is not snow, it's Yosemite falls and it is awesome.)

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  1. What a great spring weekend! Waterfalls everywhere. Got a great closeup photo of a big hawk.