Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In the Garden of Our Dear Baba

(say it fast and it makes sense)
Okay, so she's not Ali Baba and she doesn't have a cave. But she has a garage, and right now it is full of treasures.

They live in her garden in the summer, a glorious green and white garden in the deep shade of massive oak trees. There are little wandering stone paths, and a sly fox peeking out of a tiny summer house. There are geese and goats and bunnies and ducks tucked in among the ferns and impatiens. It is a magical garden snuggled into a slope, with walkways hanging over the canyon and the creek - like a pirate's lair. There is never a leaf out of place. She is quite simply the nicest and best gardener I know, and her garden has her spirit. I always expect to see fairies and leprechauns peeking out.

As soon as this drizzle and cold stop the animals will all move back into the garden for the summer, and altho the garden will look happier, her garage will feel empty. I'm not going to show you my garage, but take my word for it, it is not empty. Not even close.

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