Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lizard Lips

This lizard and I had a disagreement - he thought our garage was a fine place to live - free of cats and other nasty predators. I, however knew if he lived in our garage that he could give me a nasty surprise, and I was not enthusiastic about having him leap out of the cupboard or my garden tool basket when I was off guard.  When we first met he had just gone into the garden via the side door and was looking at me from the door mat as if to say "Yeah, and whatcha gonna do about it, huh?" 

I knew if I chased him he would move deeper into the garage, and I'd already been there with a tarantula (not my best day) so I went around. I opened the roll-up door and went to look for him. And the doormat by the side door where he had been just a minute ago was empty. Rats!

I began carefully lifting nearby things looking for him. I found him under my gardening boots. Thank goodness - the tarantula nearly caused me to move. I seriously thought about checking into the Lafayette Park Hotel and spa and putting the house on the market. How would you like to wonder if a spider the size of a Buick was going to leap out at you every time you went to your car? I am a big fan of wildlife in the garden - not so much in my house. Or the garage.

Fortunately I had thought to grab a broom. As he sat there where my boots had been, looking up at me with a challenge in his eye, I swung the broom (gently) and swept him into the side yard. Game over. 

He looked at me - I swear he accused me of cheating. I suggested he pick on someone his own size. Last I saw of him he was headed for your house - just kidding. Hope he stays in the garden - and out of the garage. He does look determined...and slightly pissed off.

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