Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blooming their heads off...

This rose came from the dead plant department - one of my orphans. It's climber, and when I remember to tie it up I can see the blooms from the high tiny window in the shower. It's close enough to Ian's peach that I'm hoping it will climb on...and that they will get along. Love the way it unfurls, getting paler. Love having a few buds on my bedside table.

Othello. Vicious thorns. Mine pouts if pruned. Looks awful in the fall. But the color!  I tie it to the fence where it really has to try if it wants to stab me as I walk by (and it does), and I lop off the branches that won't stay on the fence. I cut the roses on the garden side, the deer prune the back side.

It's a David Austin rose, and this is a great time to see roses in bloom when you buy. Have you ever bought a rose based on the fabulous photo in the tag, only to find it was scrawny and ugly and not at all that luscious color? Me too.  So now I buy in bloom. I know, I know, all the rose experts say bare root is better - but seriously? Better to know what you're getting into.

Pat Austin. Yup, another of the dreaded David's roses. But they are divine. Lousy for cutting but fantastic in the garden. And did I mention I don't spray?

This is one tough rose. It bloomed in half shade for years, and when the trees got too big and it had no sun at all  I yanked it out and moved it to the south forty. Heavy clay, marginal irrigation, sporadic feeding. And it refused to give up. So I built a watering ring and gave it some organic rose food, and look at that color! I promise I will treat it better this year. Even in the south forty.

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