Sunday, February 17, 2013


If you know me, you know I don't buy prepared food.  I make my own baking powder, for crying out loud, that's how un-prepared I am.  So it was a shock when Kevin made pizza from Trader Joe's pre-made dough.  It was crisp, delicious, and didn't have that pre-made preservative whiff that I so despise.

So last night we made pizza.  From Trader Joe's crust.  This one...

They have an herb-y one, but I'm a purist - I prefer my herbs fresh-snipped and on top of the pizza, not smooshed into the dough.

Dump it out, let it rest.  Then roll.  If it fights back, walk away for 20 minutes.  I had to do this twice, but eventually it quit shrinking up and covered a 13 x 18 rimmed baking sheet.  Peacefully.

Slice some mozzarella (it does not grate well, it fights back.  Trust me on this one and spare your knuckles a painful lesson. Also messy.  Thank goodness for tomato sauce!)

Also some parmigiano reggiano.   Not the cheap stuff, the real deal.

A few pitted kalamata olives, anchovies on his half (not mine!) and some whole tomatoes...

Again, not the cheap ones.  If you're going to bother to cook, use the best stuff you can find.  It's still cheaper than frozen prepared anything, or a restaurant.  And usually better. 

My favorite part: smashing the tomatoes.  Actually,  squeezing and squishing.  I recommend holding the tomatoes in a deep bowl when you squish.  And wearing an apron.  You'll figure out why.  

Scatter the smashed tomatoes over the dough - you can brush with olive oil first, but i like the tomatoes melting into the dough.

Scatter the cheeses, olives, anchovies - carefully! don't get any of that cat food on my half!

Bake. Eat.  I'd love to show you the finished product, but it got eaten before I remembered to grab my camera.  

Maybe next time.

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