Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Jill Jar

Lots of my friends stopped by on my Birthday - for a doggy play date, to see how Wally was doing (drippy and sick), to bring chocolate.  The Gossip Girls and family brought the coolest gift - 

It's  jill jar.  Inside, like fortune cookies but curled, and with things the family thinks about me.  

It has cheered me immeasurably on these cold sick days.  I have it on the counter in front of me now, and when I'm feeling a bit low (you know who you are) I pull one out and read it, and laugh, and remember all the fun we have had together - the meals cooked and shared, the "we're not really a sandwich family" converted by a panini press, the walks up the mountain, the Mr Toad's Wild Rides in Italy...friends are the best.  

Thank you.  

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