Monday, July 1, 2013

The Not So Grand Hotel, Stockholm

The complaint department is open.

It was a ginormous room:
And it was clean and neat before out suitcases exploded all over the room.  Sorry about that, but we have some friends who can trash a hotel room in 5 minutes - hello Pam and John! - so this didn't look too bad to us.  Just drying our raincoats.

There was a huge bathroom, but it was so dimly lit you could not use the make-up mirror - heck, you could barely see the make-up mirror!  I had to seriously enhance this photo just so you could tell it's a bathroom, not a crypt.
Shaving was a challenge.  And getting in and out of the tub-shower was strictly by braille.  The shower had a half-wall of glass.  Unfortunately it didn't cover the half of the shower where the water landed.  Hence the drain in the floor.  And the towels covering it.  It was like a Slip-and-Slide - remember those?

A great hairdryer (love that 220!) but no plug in the bathroom.  Really.  And no mirror anywhere else in the room.  Oops.  Blow drying using your reflection in the glass covering a framed print is a challenge I do not want to repeat.  Putting on make-up by braille is something my companions don't want to see again.  

It's a fantastic location, the staff are lovely, but this was a seriously clueless and difficult hotel room. And at their prices?  I'd stay somewhere other than the Grand.  Or as we call it, the Not So Grand.  


  1. Be careful and aware of the spa and massage products Grand Hotel in Stockholm Sweden are using. I got difficult allergic reaction. They ruined several days of my stay. Generally there's nothing unique about with their massage-spa. Nothing special that you couldn't get anywhere else. Very expensive by the way, it's not worth.

    1. thank you for the warning. I will avoid the spa. Having an itchy rash on vacation is not fun. Isn't it sad such a beautiful building in such a great location is such a bad hotel? I hope they listen and change. Thanks for the comment.